Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create an account on OROZU Platform?

On the registration page, type in your login, e-mail address, payment confirmation, PIN, and a secure password to sign in to your account. Registration in itself is considered confirmation of the user's consent to the existing user agreement and privacy policy. Click read have read whitepaper, user agreement, privacy policy.

I forgot my account password, what do I do?

After you have verified that your account password has actually been forgotten or irretrievably lost, use the password recovery feature. Click "Restore Access", enter the e-mail address to which the account is registered, and click "Restore". Expect an email with further instructions. If you have not received a letter within 3 minutes, check the spam folder.

Can you refer a new customer and what is referral?

Yes you can refer new customers. A referral is a user who has registered with OROZU platform through your personal referral link. Please look thru our affiliate program to learn more about referrals.

Who manages the lending platform?

The lending part of the business is managed by GO INVEST GROUP LIMITED and their trading license VSFC 14548.

Why did we decide to get a securities license?

Technically speaking we do not need it as all our tradings are in cryptocurrencies and we do not deal in any fiat currency. Until date, there is no regulation on cryptocurrencies or even trading cryptocurrencies. We took it as a precautionary measure in case we are termed as securities.

How do I get back lending amount after lending lock in period and how do I get paid back my capital with profits?

You will get back your lending amount after the lending lock in period. When you join the lending program, you have to convert your Bitcoin or Ethereum coins to OROZU(ORO) coins. You will then have to transfer the amount of OROZU(ORO) coins that you wish to lend and your lending will be converted to USD. You will be paid a percentage on your lending amount daily base on our crypto to crypto trading results.

Do you guarantee daily interest/dividends pay out or principal lending ammount?

Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee a specific interest/dividend. Daily pay outs will be based on our trading results and you will be assured that our team will work very hard to give you the best returns possible. We are also working hard to get an insurer that would be able to insure all lending amounts. We hope to be able to do that soon and we will update on our website once we are able to do that.

Can I lose my lending?

Please read risk disclosure. Each registered user is warned of the multiple financial risks of the associated investment activities on the OROZU(ORO) website, and correctly understands the company's implied economic business strategies.

Will there be days where I get a payout of 0% lending?

Yes there will be days where you can get a pay-out of 0%.

What restrictions apply to the size of lendings?

Yes there are restrictions on the size of lendings so please check the charts of lendings on minimum and maximum lendings.

Can I withdraw my interest/dividends daily?

Yes you can withdraw your interest/dividends daily.

Can I hold OROZU or other Alt coins after I convert my daily interest/dividend payout?

Yes you can hold OROZU OR ALT coins after you convert your daily interest/dividends but we will not be responsible for your gains or losses in holding those coins after your pay out.

What restrictions apply to withdrawal of payouts?

There are no restrictions on withdrawal of pay outs but please check on the OROZU exchange Q & A for exchange practices when you convert your pay outs to BTC or ALT coins.

How much do you charge for transaction fees?

After the ICO is over we will charge 0.15% for withdrawal of BTC and ETH, where as a fix 0.25% fee will be charged for exchange. And we do not charge any deposit fees.

Do you charge transaction fees or mark ups for trading ?

For trading our exchange fix 0.25% markup fee will be charged.

How do you ensure the protection and security of the platform and my investments?

Our company has a specialized security unit that provides a wide range of measures to protect business and personal information. In particular, reliable and verified protection against DDOS attacks, SSL encryption of all user data being transferred, and unique security software algorithms instantly uncovers any attempt to commit illegal actions.

What is 2FA security?

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, two step verification or TFA (as an acronym), is an extra layer of security that is known as "multi factor authentication" that requires not only a password and username but also something that only, and only, that user has on them, i.e. a piece of information only they should know or have immediately to hand - such as a physical token. Using a username and password together with a piece of information that only the user knows makes it harder for potential intruders to gain access and steal that person's personal data or identity.

Who manages the affiliate aspect of the business?

The affiliate part of the business is managed by OROZU AFFILIATE LP (LP 19114)

How do I participate in the affiliate program?

Invite your friends, acquaintances, or business partners to commissions on their lending totals. The company’s pay out is a total of 13% paid 7 levels. Please read this to understand total payout.

When will I see the referral bonus?

The rebate is automatically sent when the lending of your referral is activated. It will be in the pay out section.

Is it right for the company to pay another set of commission for new lendings for old customers?

This is perfectly fine. In any business which are operating, this would be referred as cost of retention. Our affiliate payment system is a one off payment of a total of 13% paid 7 levels. We are not running a pyramid marketing.

Where can I find my personal referral link?

The referral link is in your personal account in the "Partners" section.

What is an upline and how do I know if I have one?

The referral link is in your personal account in the "Partners" section.

Can I change my upline?

No you cannot change your upline. We believe in “Finders are keepers” motto to be fair for everyone. Anyways if you feel like your upline is not helping you much, you can always open a new account under the upline that you want to work with. The minimum to open an account is only USD100.